The Timely April Newsletter

The Winds of Change Our time on the Enterprise Placement Year is quickly reaching its crescendo. A year in the nurturing bosom of the enterprise team, and now proud owners of our own software company. It feels as if we’ve only just started this journey, but already the times are a changing.  A year in enterprise in […]

New Year’s Resolutions

The Last Days of 2016 It’s official, Christmas has officially been and gone. Trees are being dismantled, terrible presents are being quietly burned and you can almost hear the new year’s resolutions being broken all around you. Feelings of yuletide cheer and merriment (that’s leftover beer and new socks to you and me) hang in the air […]

Christmas, Competitions and Collaborations

A Pause for Reflection As the end of 2016 draws nearer it’s hard not to get a bit retrospective. And what a year it’s been for us! From making our first steps into the wider world of game and web developers, to releasing our first game and being featured in articles. It’s been a helluva year alright! And the […]

Unity Tutorial – Inspectors, Popups & FoldOuts

What can you achieve with a Custom Inspector? Unity’s inspector provides the functionality to make changes in scripts without having to look at the code, so naturally it’s the perfect way of giving designers a way to make changes to variables, without even opening a source file. The default inspector for your script will automatically expose […]

Release – Magnet Roads

Torchbearer Interactive is proud to announce our first Unity Package: Magnet Roads Magnet Roads is a package designed to easily and rapidly produce interconnected, high-quality roadways in Unity. Making use of a unique magnet-like polarity system to attach different roads and intersections together, Magnet Roads combines visual readability with ease of use to give you […]

Release – BlockUp

A maddening game of physics-stacking and rapid reaction! “BlockUp represents a first foray into mobile app development for Torchbearer Interactive, designed to be a fast-paced pick up and play game that you can enjoy in short bursts; rewarding perfection and expecting nothing less. Free-to-play and painfully addictive game-play makes for a thrilling casual game experience.“ […]

Unity Tutorial – Procedural Planes

Welcome to the first Torchbearer Interactive Unity tutorial. This tutorial is available on GitHub Download In this tutorial, I show you how to create new plane meshes with Unity C# scripts. Setting up The Project First we’re going to set-up the project. Open Unity and create a new project. On the Projects tab, create a new […]

The Fire Rises

Welcome, to the official Torchbearer Interactive blog! It’s hard to put into words exactly how this first month of development has felt for the team. For each of us, what feels like a lifetime of professional development is finally being channeled into a joint venture we can actually call our own. It’s been a month of firsts […]